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noun (v.) - Collective term for developing websites

Do you want to have a website made?

Web development or designing and developing a website is not just a service.

It is, a complete manufacturing process in which many factors have to be developed or created independently. When having a good website made, there are always a number of components: a good design in line with the coprorate identity, powerful content and good on-page SEO. In addition to this, it is also important to choose a suitable domainname linked to reliable, fast web hosting.

To build those components, FABRIK informatik develops your website with the bigger picture in mind. It is ensured that SEO & responsive design are included on the front line during development. So that every website can be viewed functionally on all media after launch and is SEO friendly. Do you want to have a website made? Then choose FABRIK informatik.

On this page you will find a range of web development services FABRIK informatik. can assist you in having your website made. Do you already have a website and do you want to make adjustments to your logo, design, web hosting, content, SEO or backup & update. Looking for webdesign? Contact FABRIK informatik.

01 Webdesign.


Your webdesign tailor-made. Functional, dynamic and affordable.


Developing an online webshop with all functionalities to suit your needs.

Slider design

Design an integrable slider, complete with all the extras such as buttons, effects and parallax.


Converting any design so that it is displayed clearly and functionally in all resolutions.

02 Webhosting.


Reliable and super-fast web hosting where you can always be found online. Without limitations of data limits, subdomains and databases.


Your own (company) name registered as a domain, where you can link it to your web hosting and email. many domainname extensions available.


A secure layer (SSL) that is placed between a browser and a server, so that the data is secured. Included as standard in the web hosting package. 


With the e-mail on your domain you are always and everywhere available. Send and receive e-mail securely wherever and whenever you want. Make use of an unlimited number of aliases and free webmail.

03 SEO.


The analysis of which “keywords” stand out in your niche to rank well in google. Based on this analysis, a content proposal is made.


The most important thing about your website, especially to be found by search engines. Rank higher in google by properly placing targeted content on your website.

onpage SEO.

Make sure that your content can be properly indexed on your pages. Not only through responsive and optimized design, but also through sniplets, meta and alt tags. 


The most important and perhaps most difficult element to rank better in google: ensuring that visitors end up on your website via (good) external links. 

04 Side buisness.

Logo design.

Does your website, email marketing strategy or even business card still need a logo or complete corporate identity? Contact us so that we can find a solution together.

Backup & Update.

We provide regular backups and ensure that everything on your website continues to run smoothly through the necessary updates of CMS, plugins and PHP.

Email marketing.

We provide regular backups and ensure that everything on your website continues to run smoothly through the necessary updates of CMS, plugins and PHP.


Getting advice can sometimes be difficult. Do you have an idea, question or are you looking for the right module? Don't hesitate and contact us! We'll give you an idea what options and solutions exist.

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