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FABRIK – noun. (v.) pronunciation: [faˈbrik]

company where large quantities of products are made with machines

professionele website laten maken

Webdesign agency

FABRIK informatik., Webdesign agency in Hoboken - Antwerp is a dynamic company with a passion for customization in the field ofwebdesign and graphic webdevelopment. From this passion, Fabrik was founded with the primary idea that no idea is impossible.

The name “FABRIK” wich is "factory" in Dutch, may convey the idea of mass production, counterfeiting and plagiarism. But on the other hand, the old idea of a factory is also known as craftsmanship, skill in a craft and craftsmanship. The latter in particular is the “mission statement” of FABRIK informatik.

FABRIK Informatik. webdesign agency is located in Hoboken and is therefore Antwerp based, but the borderless internet makes it possible to complete development and designs even at a greater distance! In addition, you can also find many other (side) services at FABRIK informatik.

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